An international performer of spellbinding power

On Stage

Ann enthralls and inspires with her rich, four octave voice, dramatic presence and soul-stirring music.

Off Stage

Ann’s insightful books, award-winning film work and varied TV appearances draw a growing fan base.

In Person

Ann’s keynote talks, workshops, community activism and writings encourage healing, self-expression and growth.

Ann by Numbers

316 songs, 10 albums, 30+ North American/International concert tours … and more



When I am singing, something powerful and transcendent connects me with others in a beautiful way.

Composer, Librettist, Songwriter

I love writing music and lyrics because they keep me growing and discovering what really matters.


I hope the words which come through me encourage people in their journey forward.


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The Stories that Travelled

Once they are shared, stories can travel in surprising ways and for great distances. This is the tale of how two stories told to a friend while we were sitting in the sand on the west coast of BC landed on the wall of an art gallery in Michigan. My…

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A Voice in the Darkness

At the beginning of a week-long workshop I always ask the participants what brought them here. What was their desire, motive, hope, need, or intention in coming? A calmer BC coastal sunset than the stormy sunset on the night of Ann’s story, but the location is very close to where…

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Laughter on Molokai

One of my most unusual concert locations was the Kalaupapa Leper Colony on the island of Molokai in Hawaii. I spent four days there after being invited to do a concert, and loved the place and the people. A view of the Kalaupapa Leper Colony, where Ann performed, by former…

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The Floating Stage

One of the most memorable stages I performed on was a floating stage. At the Elora Arts Festival in Ontario the stage was on a raft which floated in a gorge. My band and I got to the raft by rowboat. It was a hot summer afternoon and after the…

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Looking Back with Love

 Valerie Hennell was my manager and dearest friend. We were two impassioned innocents without a clue as to what we were doing or where we were going. “Valerie Hennell and Ann Mortifee – taking a beach break from songwriting and being neophytes in the music industry.” We wrote songs together,…

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Music and Lyrics and Brel

A passion for writing songs and a great friendship was born when Valerie Hennell and I met. I was playing the lead in a university musical, and she and I began to write songs together. She wrote the lyrics, and I wrote the music. That was all I knew about songwriting…

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