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Ann Mortifee shares her experiences as part of “Memorable Moments in the Arts Club”.

During the Shawnigan Basin Society’s first Shawnigan Gathering in 2013, Ann sang, and shared excerpts from her best-selling book, In Love With The Mystery, which was recently featured in a celebrated editorial by none other than Oprah Winfrey. Ann was accompanied by her husband, Paul Horn, on flute. Ann Mortifee was named Honorary Chair of the newly created Shawnigan Basin Authority.

“Ann Mortifee’s summary at the end is quite inspiring as it clearly states how we can live sustainably and lightly in the forest.”

A video overview of the Living Forest Community model that Somerset Foundation co-developed through the charitable Trust for Sustainable Forestry. Ann speaks about how sustainable community is being created while natural forest ecosystems are being preserved and stewarded for future generations.

Ann Mortifee tells the tale of her personal journey that led her to found the Trust for Sustainable Forestry and save her beloved Cortes woodland.

“For me, consciousness and the human voice are meant to be one.” Ann Mortifee — renowned singer, poet author, and teacher — spoke at Maharishi University’s Music and Consciousness Symposium: Exploring the Inner Dimension of Sound and Self-Expression.

An Invitation to a Celebratory Ground Breaking Event
By Ann Mortifee and Paul Horn – Elkington Forest, September 11, 2011

Paul Horn and Ann Mortifee present together on Salt Spring Island at ArtSpring for Children, forest Cortes Island fundraiser. Video by Scott Simmons Salt Spring Island. (Part 1)

Part 2 – Paul Horn and Ann Mortifee together at ArtSpring for Children, forest Cortes Island fundraiser.

Paul Horn & Ann Mortifee music & excerpts from their CD “In Love With the Mystery” recorded live at The Sacred Space California November 21, 2010. Paul plays his flute & Ann reads and sings.

In this video interview, Ann reflects on the inspiration behind her book and CD project, In Love with the Mystery. The interview captures some of the background story behind the book and Ann’s intentions for it. Produced and interviewed by award-winning journalist, Pamela Post, camera and c-editing by Alexandre Marinho.

On finding love later in life and living improvisationally…. Ann Mortifee and Paul Horn share the basis of their deep connection as soul mates who came together again after meeting each other 40 years earlier. Recorded at the time of their collaboration on the book and CD In Love with the Mystery.

Sulphur Passage
sulphur-passageClick image to view video on YouTube.  Ann sang in Bob Bossin’s prize-winning video, Sulphur Passage, directed by Nettie Wild. Turns out, this little film played a significant role in the Clayoquot victory.

Singer and songwriter Ann Mortifee talks about her own personal musical style. Excerpt from “Conversation”, interviewer Coleen Brow.