Turned on Christmas

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Paul Freeman. Chicago Synthesizer-Rhythm Ensemble with Artistic Director John Tatgenhorst Vocals by Ann Mortifee  

This album features a blend of traditionally-played Christmas tunes, and some played with an upbeat. Ann Mortifee is the vocalist on O Come, O Come Emmanuel, Carol of the Birds, Silent Night, and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. The other songs are orchestral. Carol of the Birds is a beautifully sung ballad and a stand-alone favorite. (1985)

  • Music
  • Into the Heart of the Sangoma
    “Ann has created a masterpiece in this recording. Her years of travel, spiritual searching, performing, writing and a deep desire to touch bases with her roots in Africa, all come to fruition. I was deeply moved, and I think you will be, too.” Paul Horn
  • Healing Journey
    At the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Victoria, BC, Ann sang the title song to a worldwide audience of one half a billion people.