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The unlikely story of how Ann Mortifee’s “In Love With The Mystery” sits on the bedside table of one of the world’s most famous celebrities
Oprah Winfrey Features Bestselling Book in O Magazine Editorial


VICTORIA, BC (October 15, 2013) – The deep stillness of her 5 a.m. morning meditations unleashed the fertile inspiration of Ann Mortifee. So emotionally powerful were the words she used to describe life on this planet, that they moved Oprah Winfrey to celebrate them. In an upcoming issue of O Magazine, Winfrey shares a passage from Mortifee’s book, “In Love with the Mystery”.
The story of how the 176-page book, written by the celebrated performing artist, dramatist and conservationist found its way into the hands and heart of one of the world’s most famous celebrities is as captivating as some of its passages.
Mortifee wrote her thoughts in a daily appointment book given to her by her husband, Paul Horn, world-renowned flutist and ‘Father of New Age Music’.  The book was never intended to be published. After being encouraged by her sister-in-law, Nancy Mortifee, who came across Mortifee’s book serendipitously,  “In Love with the Mystery” was published in 2010. It became a best seller in Canada, but its American distribution was limited to only one store in the United States, The Sacred Space in Santa Barbara, owned by friends of the author. One day, Oprah happened into their store, saw the book,     and left with it tucked under her arm.
Mortifee is delighted.
“I have always loved the wisdom and integrity of Oprah.  Her contribution to all of us is truly immense.  I’m grateful that “In Love With the Mystery”, which was a gift to me, has touched a chord with her.  One never knows how the Universe will support us,” says Mortifee, whose outstanding work in the performing and healing arts internationally was recognized with her admission to the prestigious Order of Canada in 1992.
Winfrey shares her favorite passage from Mortifee’s book in O Magazine’s “What I Know For Sure” November column, and reveals that the book sits beside her bed on her nightstand. The passage, “Let The Power Come”, provides “solace and inspiration” to Winfrey, who like Mortifee revels in the mystery of life. Mortifee says that her life-long fascination with the mysteries, which she refers to as the “Great Mystery”, informs her spirituality.
The source of Mortifee’s inspiration in “Let The Power Come” is her deep connection with the natural world. This connection began on a sugar cane farm in Zululand, South Africa, when she was young. Her grandfather worked tirelessly to save the white rhinoceros from extinction. His passion for conservation lives on in Mortifee who is a founder of the Trust for Sustainable Forestry, an organization dedicated to forest conservation. Mortifee is a key supporter of the Trust’s social enterprise, including its most recent project on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada, the Elkington Forest community.
Winfrey seems to share this love of nature. In “Let The Power Come”, she quotes the entire passage as follows:
Let the power come. Let ecstasy erupt. Allow your heart to expand and overflow with adoration for this magnificent creation and for the love, wisdom and power that birthed it all. Rapture is needed now – rapture, reverence and grace.
The final words of Winfrey’s column, “rapture, reverence and grace”, epitomize the essence of a life lived in tune with the Source of all energies, the energy of love.
When the book was originally launched, Mortifee said, “It never entered my mind to publish it. I never would have come to that myself. Something magical seems to be at work here. It feels like the book simply wants to be.”
The hardcover full-color book includes photographs by Courtney Milne, one of Canada’s finest photographers and creator of the award-wining book “The Sacred Earth”. In the companion recording to the book, musical interpretation is provided on the flute by the internationally acclaimed, Grammy award winner, Paul Horn.

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About Ann Mortifee
Ann Mortifee is internationally recognized as one of Canada’s most unique and passionate performing artists. Her recordings, musicals, ballets, one-woman shows, workshops and keynote addresses have earned her the prestigious Order of Canada. A world traveler, Ann has worked with the dying, studied with the head Sangoma of the Zulu nation, and served in Calcutta with Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Mercy. Ann’s latest book, “In Love With The Mystery”, speaks directly to our hearts and awakens us to our own soul.
About Paul Horn
Paul Horn’s illustrious career has spanned five decades, 50 albums, five Grammy nominations. He has studied in the Himalayas, taught meditation, led workshops and played his golden flute for audiences across the world as a solo artist. Paul has recorded with Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Miles Davis, Tony Bennett, Quincy Jones, Donovan, Ravi Shankar and many more. Paul Horn is known as “The Father of New Age Music” for his seminal album, Inside the Taj Mahal.

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Ann Mortifee

Singer Ann Mortifee is a genre unto herself. Blessed with a remarkable four-octave range and a gift for impacting hearts with her music and lyrics, her albums, concerts, full-length musicals, scores (ballet, film, opera, TV), and In Love with the Mystery book have generated national/international distinctions and awards. She is an Order of Canada Member, the country’s highest civilian honour. A world traveller, compelling storyteller, and sought-after keynote speaker for major conferences, Ann creates and facilitates inspiring arts and consciousness workshops and co-founded two foundations - for social innovation and for forestry conservation. Based in BC, Ann is the wife of the late jazz flutist, Paul Horn.

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