Protect O.U.R. Ecovillage Forever

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As a member of the Steward Council for the EcoVillage, I am deeply moved to share with you this urgent and important campaign.
Please read the most recent message from Brandy Gallagher HERE.

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It Takes a Village to Save the Village

Brandy Gallagher is the heart of O.U.R Ecovillage. She is OUR Executive Director, founding member, devout leader, incredible mentor, village ambassador, educator, soldier of change, example of possibility…Brandy is O.U.R. Mother. Now, OUR Mother and OUR family are facing immediate crisis.

Brandy is embarking on her biggest challenge to date—a serious medical diagnosis.  Surgery is required soon. If the surgery is successful, treatment and recovery will still be a long journey.
After 15 years of legacy building, an outstanding amount of regulatory work, 10,000 visitors, transformational education programs, community advocacy and support for more projects in the area than anyone could imagine and now a green burial project onsite…the highest wish is to protect this land.
We need your help. We have an urgent need to raise $150,000 to maintain the mortgage, pay insurance and ongoing operational costs as well as hire a transition team to fill in the many shoes Brandy normally wears. This allows Brandy and her family the time & space to focus on wellness–while the needs of the Village are met by the community. For investors wishing to explore a deeper level of participation, we are also set up with a syndicated mortgage to consider (see below).
Join us in our mission to #protectOUR by becoming an O.U.R. Sustainer. A Sustainer contributes a monthly tax-deductable donation of $25, $50 or $100–for a year. By having a small group of dedicated contributors, we know what our monthly budgets are and we can intelligently assess what parts of the village we need to prioritize.  After the year, you can cancel at any point in time. Thank you for considering O.U.R. request–and we hope to welcome you to O.U.R. Sustainers soon!
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead
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OR, visit our indiegogo campaign, here.
Contact us to discuss investment as a co-owner  of our beautiful 25 acre property located in Shawnigan Lake, BC or to learn more about our syndicated mortgage. Download OUR pdf. document

The Green Burial Programme is a Commemorative Legacy Project that encompasses preparations, placement, memorial services/celebrations, and other ways to remember and rejoice in lives lived.

Please contact us for more information, or explore the Green Burial section of our website,here.

As we manage to raise the interim investment and ownership of OUR Ecovillage, we will complete this transition phase allowing for full registration of OUR Ecovillage Cooperative as land title holder. This is an excellent way for community minded folks, educators, green businesses, government and universities/colleges to contribute–see the fall 2011 Coop Corner, or fall 2013 update for more information, or contact us.”

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