Ann’s creative spirit is a wellspring for words and phrases that have a way of connecting with peoples’ hearts. And when the words and phrases are combined with her original music, the effect is compelling and powerful. People continue to rave about her musicals and concerts years after attending, and that says a lot.

In Love With The Mystery

Written and performed by Ann Mortifee with music by Paul Horn, Miles Black and Edward Henderson.

In Love with the Mystery is a musical accompaniment to Ann’s book of the same name. Selected phrases and passages are spoken and sung within a rich, spontaneous musical environment. The musicians create a resonant sphere in which the ideas and meanings in the writing find full expression, often in an active interplay beyond, around and above the words. (2010)

Into The Heart Of The Sangoma

Written, produced and performed by Ann Mortifee.

“Ann has created a masterpiece in this recording. Her years of travel, spiritual searching, performing, writing and a deep desire to touch bases with her roots in Africa, all come to fruition. I was deeply moved, and I think you will be, too.” Paul Horn

The powerful music in this lushly produced, poetic album, based on Ann’s theatre production, was inspired by her remarkable meeting with Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, the Head Zulu Sangoma (shaman) during a visit to her homeland of South Africa. (2005)

Healing Journey


The music on this album is a compilation of Ann’s favourite songs, and her fans’ favourite songs, from her first six albums. This lyric from the song, ‘Healing Journey’ sets the tone of the album:  “This is a healing journey, We walk it one by one, Each woman and each man alone, To the sound of a different drum. “ (1994)

Serenade At The Doorway

California-based clinical psychologist David Feinstein, PhD, heard Ann’s music while he was writing Rituals for Living and Dying. “I think you were meant to write music for people who are dying,” he told Ann by phone. They ended up creating Serenade at the Doorway together and it was soon being listened to and loved in hospices, clinics and care homes. Ann began giving workshops and keynote talks which expanded into nine countries.

One year after the album’s release she was inducted into the Order of Canada in recognition of her ‘performing and healing arts’. (1991)

Jacques Brel Lives…

This album features a reunion of the original cast of the Arts Club Theatre production of “Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living In Paris”. Vocals by Ann Mortifee, Leon Bibb, Patrick Rose & Ruth Nichol.

The music of Belgian singer/songwriter Jacques Brel is loved by people around the world. The revue was an off-Broadway hit before it came to Vancouver and broke all attendance records at the Arts Club Theatre. It re-ignited a passion for live theatre in West Coast audiences. (1985)

    Bright Encounter

    Of all my albums, this is the one that comes closest to being a ‘pop’ album. It was produced by Declan O’Doherty for WEA Records. (1984)

    Born To Live

    Written, Performed and Produced by Ann Mortifee

    “Wonderful to have Ann Mortifee back in the house. She’s magnificent.” A.W.

    I wrote and produced this album when the power was flowing! I was travelling a great deal at the time to theatres, and I often worked with symphonies. The songs are full of passion. I felt alive and fascinated with the adventure of being an artist. Some of the songs were written for a TV series I had co-hosted, called Both Sides Now. (1983)

    Reflections On Crooked Walking

    Story, Lyrics and Libretto by Ann Mortifee


    This Juno Award-nominated family musical tells the tale of four people who find themselves the only ones left awake in a town full of sleeping people. Their journey of in search of a cure for the sleeping sickness led them to a surprisingly deeper awareness of self.

    This was Ann Mortifee’s first full-length musical. She recalls, “I learned scriptwriting by going to the library to see what a script looked like, picking up a pen, writing the word ‘Title’ at the top of the page! It was a wonderful hit with children and adults alike and was staged for years at Christmastime.” (1982)

      Journey To Kairos


        “Norman Newell saw me perform in New York and invited me to record in London. Working with him was a joy because his passion, know-how and goodness propelled me to an expression of greater beauty.” 

        Proclaimed “Best Album of the Year” by the Toronto Sun, Ann’s debut album, Baptism, is an early compilation of folk-oriented love, protest and reflection songs. It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London with musicians from the London Philharmonic. Baptism was produced by one of Britain’s top record producers, Norman Newell. (1975)

        The Ecstasy Of Rita Joe

        Cast recording of theatrical production.
        Ann recalls, “Rita’s story taught me that art is meant to lead culture to higher levels of awareness.”
        George Ryga’s play brought to the public eye the devastating effect of European colonialism on native peoples through the tragic story of a young woman who was caught between two worlds. “. . . fresh and alive . . . the music is beautiful, sad, haunting . . . with a quality and pleasurability that meets any international standards.” – Bob Cumming, The Georgia Straight. (1971)

        Turned On Christmas

        Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Paul Freeman. Chicago Synthesizer-Rhythm Ensemble with Artistic Director John Tatgenhorst. Vocals by Ann Mortifee.

        This album features a blend of traditionally-played Christmas tunes, and some played with an upbeat. Ann Mortifee is the vocalist on O Come, O Come Emmanuel, Carol of the Birds, Silent Night, and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. The other songs are orchestral. Carol of the Birds is a beautifully sung ballad and a stand-alone favorite. (1985)