Ann’s workshops are inspirational, instructive, and warmly informal.

Beach stroll after a workshop at Hollyhock.


Ann creates her own workshops, and has often collaborated with experts in their fields, including Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Marion Woodman, Bernie Seigel, John Robbins, Jean Houston, John Kehoe and David Feinstein. Two frequent workshop partners are Getting’ Higher Choir Director Shivon Robinsong, and ‘inner landscapes’ guide, Sherrill Miller.

Ann and David Feinstein have collaborated on many projects together over the years, including workshops, musicals and Ann’s Serenade at the Door album, which they co-created.



Workshop topics have included Finding your Voice, Singing for the Joy, Spirit Calling Me, Women’s Mysteries, Death and Dying, Riding through the WildSacred Songs, Personal Mythology and Inner Integration, and A Celebration of Living and Possibility. One of Ann’s recent workshops, Sacred Union offered the following:

  • Tools to integrate mind, body, emotion and spirit
  • The ability to use your physical body as an ally in staying grounded in the present moment
  • Through music, story, improvisation and meditation, you will find yourself expanded and joyous.


The people who attend represent a full spectrum of age and life experience. Her goal is for each of them to have a vibrant experience and to learn and grow within the camaraderie and dynamic of a group. An organized, focused facilitator, Ann keeps things on track and delivers the promise of the workshop. She is particularly adept at gently guiding people toward a deeper connection with their innermost self.

Ann, pictured at the opening of a palliative care centre, created a meaningful legacy with her Healing Journey Workshops.


One of Ann’s workshop series left a particularly meaningful legacy. During her Healing Journey project, Ann delivered workshops internationally for people facing end-of-life transitions, and for their families and care teams. The success of the workshops led to the evolution of a new series of workshops for use in health care settings. These workshops support greater care and understanding between patients, caregivers and professionals.

Some comments from participants in a voice workshop:

” The inspirational instruction was a turning point that healed my drooping soul. “

” I felt the whole group of 14 transform. We began disjointed, self-conscious and tentative. By the end we were whole, one person, and loving . . .”

” The workshop was spectacular! We had amazing sharing circles and sang African chants and other beautiful songs. We learned to sing from our beautiful bellies and to find our vocal range and sweet spot. We sang in 4 part harmony with effortless and gay abandon! “

” My wife did a workshop with Canadian singer Ann Mortifee some years ago and Ann shared that the higher the note we wanted to hit, the deeper into ourselves we had to go. “

” The workshop inspired in me a sense of infinite possibility and vision. “

“Thank you too, Ann, for the light you shine. “